The Company’s mission is to revolutionize the fluid transfer industry by providing the preeminent safe hose technology while fostering continuous improvement to safety, protection of human health and the environment. LifeGuard Technologies achieves these goals by maintaining a scientific and technical organization while working with regional partners to efficiently deliver our products in the most economical manner. LifeGuard Technologies continually works with governmental agencies to provide benefits to our customers that use our technology and products, while meeting and staying ahead of government regulations.


The business model that we have developed focuses on global delivery platforms. We have factories in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA, Motala, Sweden, Faridabad, India, Ontario Canada, Melbourne, Australia and sales offices in cairo Egypt and soon Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Our technically oriented management and employee team is the cornerstone of the Company’s foundation. The management team is a highly seasoned blend of successful business people with a proven record of accomplishment. The operating philosophy of the Company – “Innovating Basic Industry” – is the launch pad for success. Our management team has operated extremely profitable manufacturing businesses, financially managed a public Company in the high tech industry, invented and developed over thirty different products and received industry awards for excellence. LifeGuard Technologies’ products are uncomplicated in that they apply patented innovation and technology to basic industrial applications.

Although the product design is unique, the manufacturing and assembling functions are routine. Among other recent achievements, we were one of three finalists for Best Management Team at the prestigious Ben Franklin Emerging Business Awards and received the Ben Franklin Emerging Business Award for Most Innovative New Product.

LifeGuard Technologies has revolutionized the “Hose” and “Breakaway Industry” by combining both into a superior yet cost effective breakaway system. We have developed two new advancements on the Smart-Hose technology that we previously invented. This new technology, known as the LifeGuard Tri-Bolt Breakaway Hose, combines a similar safety concept to the Smart-Hose technology but with a more advanced internal spring system and with a Tri-bolt Breakaway design. The LifeGuard Tri-Bolt Safety System allows the unit to be easily connected to any bulkhead and adapted for the filling or connection process in any application.

As the inventors and founders of the Smart-Hose system, we believe that you will be interested in our improved passive safety technology. In each iteration, we have sought to achieve one objective – constant improvement. We have always believed that excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better and we hope that once you review our products, technology and vision you will agree. Our trained technicians will repair or refit any hose, be they ours or from another manufacturer.



LifeGuard Technologies is based in Philadelphia, Pa. It began with Joe Abrams’ work in cryogenics in 1958, and today the company has hoses worldwide in all industries and applications. Its long history and reputation for innovation has fostered this acceptance, and the company continues to play a key role in establishing safety protocols for its customers. More than 400,000 hoses with this technology have been sold since its invention.

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