Lifeguard Technologies is the World’s Leading provider of safety hoses. We supply to the leading petrochemical and industrial gas companies – many of whom have established standards, specifications and protocols for our technology.

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In recognition of the LifeGuard Tri-Bolt safety system, The US Department of Transportation has issued 3 special permits Party-To status for relaxed attendance

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We are extremely gratified with all of our customers but particularly those that have made a major commitment to safety through their use of the LifeGuard Safety Hoses.

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The Next Generation of Safety Hoses

Hoses will fail in time… this is an unfortunate truism. The most common types of hose failure are the Drive-Away and the Coupling Separation. How can we truly protect our personnel, facility and the environment from these types of failure?

From the inventors of Smart-Hose comes the next generation in Safety Hose Technology – the LifeGuard™ Safety Hose.

The LifeGuard™ Safety Hose technology* is designed to eliminate the consequences of the hazardous effect of a drive-away, coupling separation, hose rupture or failure during fluid or gaseous transfer operations…now with two critical new features – a Tri-Bolt Breakaway Coupling and an Engineered Compression Spring (ECP). The (ECP’s) axial force can be adjusted to address the flow force of the fluid or gas being transferred within the hose assembly to avoid premature checking. The spring unlike the previous invention, does not distort the inner housing tube and also provides internal construction support to the assembly.

LifeGuard™ Safety Hoses incorporate a coated ECP specifically designed for each applications unique flow and pressure. The ECP is installed within the hose bore and is connected to the seating mechanisms located in the Standard Safety Fitting and the Tri-Bolt Breakaway fitting. This ECP is a compression spring providing carefully engineered thrust in the direction of both ends of the hose, holding the valves open. Should this thrust be eliminated due to a drive-away, coupling separation, hose rupture or failure, the valves release and instantly seat, stopping flow in both directions. In the case of a drive-away, the patent pending Tri-Bolt design assures that two or more bolts will break in any failure mode, causing the system to immediately engage and instantly seat stopping the flow in both directions.


Superior Design

The LifeGuard™ Tri‐Bolt Safety‐Hose system is the next Generation in Hose Safety. The LifeGuard™ Tri‐Bolt Breakaway Hose is designed to increase the safety of your hose and facility by incorporating protection against the unintended pull-away of tank trucks, railcars, barges and ships. Utilizing a Engineered Compression Spring system with two non-return valves installed within each fitting, we have now included a Tri-Bolt Flange System with three shear bolts on one fitting that separates under a controlled condition and prevents product loss in the event of an emergency separation. The LifeGuard™ Tri-Bolt Breakaway Hose is designed to separate at any angle when subjected to a designated pull force. In case of separation, its patent pending design assures that not less than two bolts will separate causing the internal valves to engage and the piping to remain intact with flow stopped on both ends of the hose.


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LifeGuard brings the next

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