Customer Information

When LifeGuard Technologies started out, we pledged our commitment to putting our customers first. Our service culture has been created to directly respond to our customers’ needs. Their success is, after all, driven by the service we provide; the more we can do for them, the more their businesses can thrive. We take the time to understand our customers’ needs and we are continually looking for ways to improve our service levels. Our customer service team located in 5 continents is directly responsible for the satisfaction of our clients and that is why we only employ enthusiastic, bright and dedicated individuals who are prepared to go the extra mile, ensuring our customer relationships flourish. We boast of a multi-cultural team that speaks many Languages including English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Arabic, Turkish. We are extremely gratified with all of our customers but particularly those that have made a major commitment to safety through their use of the LifeGuard Safety Hoses. Some have specific documents, agreements, test reports, pricelists and PowerPoint presentations that are designated for their use only. Nonetheless we would like to make them readily available through our website. If your company is listed below, simply click on the link and identifies specifically what document you are requesting and we will send you a link to the document or file.

Global Specifications

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