Applications & Specifications

Lifeguard Technologies is the World’s Leading provider of safety hoses. We supply to the leading petrochemical and industrial gas companies – many of whom have established standards, specifications and protocols for our technology. Click on any of the following links for the product and specification pages:

LifeGuard Hydrogen Hoses

Lifeguard Hydrogen Hoses

LifeGuard High Pressure Hoses

LifeGuard Safety Hose- Fill Plant Hoses
LifeGuard Safety Hose- Bundle Filling Hoses
PTFE High Pressure Hose
Fill Plant Hose Selection Guide
Metal Pigtails
PTFE Acetelyne Hose
Tri-Bolt Metallic CO2 Hose
Flexible Rubber Safety Pigtails
LifeGuard Self Assembled Safety Hose
LifeGuard Lifeline Fittings Specifications
LifeGuardTM 1/2” 3650 PSI ETFE (TEFZEL) Bundle/Trailer Hoses

Petrochemical Safety Hoses

LPG Specification Sheets - Consolidated
Tri-Bolt Breakaway Metallic Dual Service LPG/NH3 Hose
Tri-Bolt Breakaway LPG Hoses
Tri-Bolt Breakaway Rubber SS NH3 Hose
Tri-Bolt Breakaway Rubber Textile NH3 Hoses
Tri-Bolt Breakaway Chemical Hoses
Tri-Bolt Breakaway Bulkhead Units
LPG/CNG Autogas Hoses
Carousel Filling Hose

Technical Information

Functional Diagram & Safety Hose System
What is LifeGuard Safety Hose Technology?
Installation Guide
Hose Specification
Recommended Lifecycle