At LifeGuard Technologies, safety and technology meet and breakthrough begins. As a socially-responsible, global leader in safety hose systems, LifeGuard Technologies is unique in its ability to provide end-to-end solutions through its innovative and proprietary systems — all to enhance customer safety at an affordable price. Working across our partnering manufacturing facilities and service centers, LifeGuard Technologies is able to unleash the full potential of the world’s most experienced safety hose company.

What LifeGuard Technologies creates is value. By increasing safety for customers, LifeGuard Technologies in essence solves customers’ most challenging problems better, faster and more cost effectively than any other company. LifeGuard Technologies is able to provide safety solutions for customers, often before a challenge is ever realized. LifeGuard Technologies is unique in the depth, breadth and scope of the Company. With an unmatched global presence, customers are supported with unprecedented speed in product delivery, and the ability to assist with the complexity needs. Leveraging state-of-the-art LEAN practices, Six Sigma, ISO 9000 at our facilities, LifeGuard Technologies is the market leader in every continent in which it operates. Whether traditional applications or unique safety needs, LifeGuard Technologies can enable any customer’s success. At LifeGuard Technologies , there is no room for “mediocrity.” If anything, the Company exists to continually test the bounds of what can be expected in terms of designs and safety. Optimization is what LifeGuard Technologies does best. We offer our customers:

  1. We have had more than 15 independent hose tests performed on our hoses by Air Liquide’s CTE and Praxair’s testing center including CRN qualification;
  2. Standardization in hose specifications by minimizing suppliers to reduce costs and increase specification control;
  3. Reducing our aggregate hose costs by establishing a global price for our products where possible;
  4. Global technical capability enabling us to perform the engineering necessary to develop the unique country specifications from multiple sources
  5. Increase safety through defined approval process and mitigate the use of unapproved suppliers
  6. Implement increased safety hose technology through LifeGuard Safety hoses where best used;