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Regulations HM-225A in effect July 1, 1999, impose new requirements on operators of cargo tanks used to transport liquefied compressed gases and new procedures for unloading liquefied compressed gases from cargo tanks. The new regulations will help prevent unintentional releases during unloading of liquefied compressed gases, assure prompt identification of unintentional releases, and reduce the consequences of unintentional releases. The Compliance Assistance Guide outlines these regulations.

In recognition of the LifeGuard Tri-Bolt safety system, The US Department of Transportation has issued 3 special permits Party-To status for relaxed attendance for the following applications (click on the link for the permit):

Government Regulations

DOT – Special Permit – 12325 – Railcar Loading and Unloading
DOT – Special Permit – 13484 – Cryogenic Tank Car Loading and Unloading
DOT – Special Permit – 14447 – Cryogenic Tank Car Loading and Unloading
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